THAT Family Tree Society-Issue 20

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Picture of the week:

Week in Review: Because sometimes a herd (school, posse)? of ducks show up at your front door and you just need to feed them.

Introduction into The Society: And now I'm happy to introduce you to the newest branch in our ever-growing family tree: No Small Thing. She submitted this post about shoe shopping to get into our little club!

1.  Tell us a little about your blog (name/reason why you blog):  

My blog is called No Small Thing.  I started it as a journal so that I could remember funny/sentimental things, even every day things that have happened in my life as a mother.  
2.  How long have you been blogging?

I started this blog in January 2008, so it has been about 7 months. 
3.  How would you define THAT family?  

THAT family in one word?  Us.  THAT family is always noticeable for one reason or another...the dirty fingernails, the koolaid smiles, the bumps and bruises and scrapes.  They are loud, and chaotic, and fun to be around!  They seem unlucky, as though a little black cloud follows them around, but they also don't seem to notice that cloud.  THAT family may seem a mess, but they have a love for one another that is deep and it will weather any storm.
4.  When did you discover you were a part of THAT family?  

Well, I grew up in THAT family, and I was going to turn in my membership card when I got married.  I think I figured out that I was still a member when my third child followed me around Target asking rather loudly if he could "eat this booger?"  I was gettin' the stares, I'm tellin' you.  Or maybe it was the time I had to take all four of the children to the doctor (they were all sick) and the doctor asked for a urine sample from one of them, so we all piled in the bathroom together, me, three kids and a baby in the stroller, and they began fighting over who got to pee in the cup while the baby was screaming.  And I tried to shush them, I did, and I know everyone heard us.

5.  Where can we find your blog?  


kristen@nosmallthing said...

I just noticed I spelled "weather" wrong! Ha ha ha! Oh well, what can I say, it comes with the territory...

Thanks for featuring me!

P.S.He loves you.. said...

it's a great thing to have duck entertainment at your own front door!

Anonymous said...

I'm thinking those may be geese instead of ducks. The red faces make me think so. We had these blackish-green geese with red faces like that that lived on the bayou behind my parent's house in Louisiana. They looked a lot like the birds in your picture.

Whatever they are, it's a great photo!

Kasey Hunt said...

I've never seen ducks like that. How unique.

Anonymous said...

Well, that was just knee-slappin' funny!

I loved her answers...going to visit her now..

Thanks THAT Mama...been missin' you! Life is too darn hectic to not check out your blog. Be gone, to-do to read