THAT Family Tree Society-Issue 14

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The Week in Review: My toddler's enthusiasm at something actually baking in the oven was unprecedented. She has a thing for banana bread, apparently. And I have a thing for her.  And banana bread. And pumpkin bread. All breads, really. It wouldn't be fair to leave any out.

The next special family being inducted into this institute society is Julie @ Blessed with Five. (Due to personal reasons, Julie had to make her blog by invitation only for the time being. If you'd like to read it, please email her )

Julie colored outside of the lines with her submission to this little club! So, we're shaking things up a bit and breaking format.  (I like to live on the edge).  Once, you read the following , I know you'll want to rush over and share some comment love with Julie, because she makes my family look normal.  Almost.

For the sake of time, I am going to simply bullet the reasons I think our family is THAT family too:


§       People always STARE at our family . . . any place we go. I guess two adults, one teenage daughter and four boys under the age of six is not very common in our area.

§       When all seven of us arrive at our table in a restaurant the people seated around the table we are taken to seem to scowl. After the scowl our family is watched with EAGLE eyes . . .  I am certain people are on pins and needles waiting for the first child to make an outburst.

§       No matter where we go, someone has to pee or poo!

§       The UPS and FEDEX guys know us well enough to recognize us when we are at the gas station or in a store.

§       We tend to run late, a lot!

§       We are the ones that tie up checkout lanes at Wal-Mart! Yes, we are the people that purchase three cart loads of groceries EVERY time we shop. Our register receipt is THREE miles long!

§       I know the call nurse, reception attendant and the pediatrician on a first name basis.

§       The poison control center sent me an EMERGENCY packet because I had contacted them so many times. “Children’s toothpaste is not poisonous, but may cause diarrhea!”

§       When my children are on the driveway to play our yard looks as if it is a “yard sale!” People have actually stopped and walked up to see. My hubs think the boys have too many riding toys! Hmmmmm

§       I am the neighbor you hear asking her children if they want to be paralyzed. We have an in ground swimming pool . . . there are stairs leading into the pool on the shallow end . . . for some reason my boys insist on jumping close to those stairs. After many bouts of instructing and then telling them not to jump near the stairs, I finally deduced it might be easier to give them an example. So, I had one of the boys lay on the pool deck and not move a muscle. I explained that if they jumped in and hit one of the steps just right they could become paralyzed and that meant they could not move – they would have to lay day in and day out. The boys seemed to “get it” after that demonstration. During my “demonstration and talk” with the boys our neighbor from next door came over laughing and said, “You sound like I would have when my kids were little. That question probably would have come out of my mouth too!

§       We are the family that has a portable “Johnny” sitting on our driveway. (for the construction guys only!)

§       We are the family that has a huge garbage dumpster on the driveway as well. (construction)

§       If you come to the door you will feel as if you are being ganged up on by THAT family because every child and dog will be at the door to see who you are.

§       Three of our boys thought it would be fun to have a “PEE Fight in the bathroom one day! Mommy found “it” and was not at all impressed!


My list could go on and on . . . but I think you might just agree . . . we are DEFINITELY a THAT FAMILY too!


Julie of blessedwith5 said...

Thank you Kristen for featuring my family blog this week! I love all that you feature on your blog and the love that you share!

Anyone interested in reading my blog, please contact me. Just a few clicks of the mouse and keyboard and an invitation will come your way.

Julie of blessedwith5 said...

I forgot to say, "I am sorry for following the That Family Tree format - I guess I was too excited and missed that part."

Anonymous said...

Julie, you are someone I can relate to!

Kasey Hunt said...

Julie- you seem like a fun and REAL family. If I was your neighbor I would have lots of good laughs I'm sure. Thanks for sharing a part of your life with us.

Karen said...

I know the feeling of knowing the person who answers the phone at poison control on a first name basis. My oldest daughter, who is now 34, was the one who got into everything. We were at the emergency room every week when she was two.

marky said...

I really enjoy reading your Sunday Blog feature!!

Tree Climbing Mom said...

Oh my goodness Julie... thanks so much for the laugh. Your kids are blessed to have a mom with such a great sense of humor!

Lisa @ Stop and Smell the Chocolates said...

Definitely sounds like one of the group!

Verve said...

I laughed so hard, especially at the one about being ganged up on at the door. LOL, when someone knocks on the door at our house, whether it be the pizza delivery guy or the Fedex person, all of the kids (four!), myself or my husband, and the dog have to go see who it is. Our six year old introduces herself to everyone...*sigh*.

I also laughed (and continued to chuckle for several moments) over the 'pee fight' incident. :-)