Sincerely 'Fro Me to You-Pumpkins Aren't Always Orange

Welcome to Sincerely 'Fro Me to You! (carnival details) Before I share my flashback, I want to invite you all to participate next week in the first THEMED 'Fro Me to You.  Dig out your SCARIEST photos to link up next Thursday!! You can share costumes photos or scary junior high pictures or scary....

Our baby one year ago in the patch: You don't have to orange to be a pumpkin.

Last week, one year later and in the same pumpkin patch, look how big she's grown!  Good soil or something...

You want to read something classic?  I had these adorable fall cards made at Wal Mart last year to send out to friends and family so they could celebrate our baby's first autumn.

Well, guess who forgot all about them?

Yeah, I just picked these up, nearly a year late. 

Because I'm that organized.

Maybe I should send them out anyway and scribble across the top, "falling behind!"


The Apron Queen said...

I can't believe they still had them 1 yr later! She's a cutie. Both years. :)

Come see my 1984 surfing dude.

LifeAtTheCircus said...

Girl, I can relate. My third child's birth announcements didn't get made until she was 4 mths old. I only printed and mailed them so that when she was older she wouldn't see her brother and sister's announcements and feel less loved b/c I didn't make one for her. Of course, when I got around to making her baby book at her first birthday, I couldn't find the silly birth announcement to put in it!!

Valarie said...

Oh that is good! That sounds like something I would do. Actually I am like the world's worst for sending out Christmas cards, people don't even expect them from me anymore. :)

Crayl said...

Send them! I love them, so darling.

Georgetta Nextdoor said...

Ha! I ordered New Year's cards...because it was too late for Christmas. I found them at Easter. And again in August. Not sure what to do with them now....send them in the Christmas cards?

Tammy said...

Falling behind......

bwah ha ha ha....girl, you are so funny. And your photos are so darn cute.

SarahLCC said...

Hi! I found your Carnival through the Apron Queen.......I had to join because I read several of your posts and they made me laugh!

P.S. He loves you.. said...

very cute pumkin in fact the cutest one I've seen yet this season!

I to know about those "forgotten pix"...I'm sure that they won't develope any more for me until I prepay..yeah that bad!

D... said...

Such a cutie! I love your idea for the year old cards. How fortunate that they still had them! It could be worse. You could be me. I buy cards and then never mail them.

CanCan said...

Aww! I want to squeeze that wittle punkin!

Muthering Heights said...

You should totally send them would be hilarious!

Heather said...

Send them out without making any mention of the year's difference. When people ask you about the cards, feign ignorance as to what they're talking about. If the camera adds 10 pounds, it can also add a year ;)

Bubba's Sis said...

What a precious pumpkin she is!

Flash back to the 80's with me this week - it's high school football season!

heidi said...

I actually really like the idea of the "Falling Behind" cards!

Jennifer said...

Those cards are too cute to waste! Falling behind... that sure does sound like something someone from THAT family would do! lol

Wifeof1Momof4 said...

Send em, send em .. she is cute, cute, cute.

Hmmm, makes me wonder .. where did I put the photos from last year too?????

Darn, something else added to my list. :)

Anne M. said...

I think it's a great idea to send them with falling behind on them. What a cutie!

Jerralea said...

You should defintely send them out and say "Falling Behind." It would look like you planned it!

She's an adorable punkin!

Sarah said...

You sound like me, I had birth announcements made for my first (I learned it was a waste of time after that), and I neven got them sent out! Well, on my Fro Me To You I have some pics that my first born drew... pretty funny, and MOST DEFINATELY like a boy...

Your daughter is adorable!

Wendy said...

Too cute! I would send them and I thought the "Falling Behind" was great!! You are so stinkin creative!

Tiff said...

LOL Hey i sent my christmas cards after new years. . LOL so your not the only one!

Jen - Balancing beauty and bedlam said...

Ok, I am totally commenting about your pooper scooper kids. Did they get the job? That made me laugh so hard because last year my kids painted rocks (from our gravel driveway) and pieces of wood in green/red) and went door to door selling their "crafts." They actually got a few dollars though poor, precious entrepreneurs.

marky said...

She is precious no matter What year you take them! I would send the pics out too. Seems like the week you post a Nice sweet pic..I go out on a limb for world wide humiliation LOL!

Amy-littletoesandcheerios said...

She looks so cute in every shot.

Heather said...

I love the idea of sending out the cards with "Falling Behind" written on them! Plus, it's such an adorable picture, I'm sure people will LOVE the cards no matter how late they are!

The Glamorous Life said...

My entry is a personal low.

I found the photo and I immediately said 'ah yes, my DUFF period' pathetic!

You forgot your cards for A YEAR?
Okay you should us Shutterfly. You design them and they mail them out to your address list for you!!!!

Anonymous said...

The fact that they had them a year later attests to the other fact that you're obviously not the only one to do that sort of thing. Take heart my dear!

My sil sent out pictures of her son dressed up in a pumpkin already. Yeah, she has one kid. I could conquer the world if I only had one kid - lol.

The Southern Family said...

So cute, I love pumpkin pics!

Kasey Hunt said...

That's great that Wal Mart kept the pictures that long. Didn't they ever call you to pick them up?

Carolina Mama said...

Perfect! I just ran across my next week's and held it because the pumpking would work on Halloween! :)

This is fun! Thanks Kristen!

Poppyseed said...

That is way too cute not to send!

Kelli @ writing the waves said...

Falling behind...I love it! The story of my life since having kids. :) I would definitely send them! Cute pics!

Takin' time to smell the flowers! said...

I think you should send 'em out. How cute! It sounds like something I would do. One year I filled out all my Christmas cards early (oh yah! I was on top of it!), addressed them and everything. Would you believe that I forgot to send them out. LAME-O! I packed those things around with us until this year when I finally threw them out.

Tanya said...

Don't feel bad. I just found a whole stack of photo Christmas cards from last year that were never sent. Half of them were already stamped and addressed, too! Whoops!! We'll try to actually send them this year. Maybe even with a current photo. :)

Phyllis@Aimless Conversation said...

Well Walmart (or whereever you ordered from) doesn't have a thing on you. Evidently, they forgot too!! I can't believe they had them a year later!

She is really cute. What a sweet idea. =)

Anonymous said...