THAT Family Tree Society-Issue 10

Pictures of the Week from the Farm:

Homemade dung (thankfully, made from mud).

An evacuated kitty.

Flies who never had a chance, really. (My kids are adding fly paper to their Christmas list!)

The Week in Review: We spent the first part of the week surviving and fleeing Hurricane Ike. The rest of the week was spent on my in-laws farm in Oklahoma. Have I mentioned that I love the farm?

And now, I'd love to introduce you to Mom Most Traveled. She submitted this post . And I could completely relate to her experience! Go give her some love, m'kay?

1. Tell us a little about your blog (name/reason why you blog):

My blog is Mom Most Traveled. I started it because I enjoyed the friendships I formed with other bloggers in my old blog (I need to say blog one more Okay; no more blog talk). It was also supposed to be away for extended family to keep up with us as we travel and/or live on the other side of the world. Somehow it turned into a review blog as well.

2. How long have you blogging?

I started what I called an "internet diary" in 2000. I didn't really know the term "blog".

3. How would you define THAT family? 

THAT family is the one that gets all of the stares and the under-the-breath comments. "Here comes that JONES boy again..."

4. When did you discover you were a part of THAT family?

I wish I could blame my children but I realized it first when as a young married couple my husband and I entered a talent show at an ESL teacher's conference in Thailand. We wrote what we thought was a funny song about using a squat toilet. We of course expected the talent show to be light-hearted, but to my horror the act before us was a mother-daughter team doing sign language to the song Love in Any Language. We did go on to perform our act but those in attendance were obviously disturbed. One girl rewound her video camera to record over our skit. And the next year before the talent show they made a general announcement about not performing distasteful skits (and they actually said this), "like a song about a squatty potty or something."Later when my first child was born I sort of got "bad mom vibes" from the other mothers at playgroup because I let my son eat paper. They would say, "Oh! He has PAPER IN HIS MOUTH!" and I would be all, "What!?! OH NO!" even though secretly I didn't care. I had to put on my "good mom face" in public.

5. Where can we find your blog?


Happy Mommy said...

I'll go check her out! Sounds like I'll be in good company.

Lisa said...

Yup, Id say she is a memeber of THAT family. Paintballs, toilet plungers, and dog food sounds like it fits the criteria.

P.S. He loves you... said...

ok I'll go over..but first I must mention..did your little one in the pix above a big ol'croc tear? So sweet when they turn the tables on us!

Lisa @ Stop and Smell the Chocolates said...

She does fit right in! Love it!

Colleen said...

Now I don't feel so bad that my toddler has taken BITES out of daddy's deodorant. Twice.

(When you think about it, it *is* blue and really cool looking...)