Sincerely 'Fro Me to You-A Velveteen Pregnancy

Welcome to Sincerely 'Fro Me To You! I'm so glad you're here.  It wouldn't be as fun without you. And I mean that in all sincerity.  My week is a lot funnier when you play along...not that I laugh at you or anything.

After a couple of years of marriage, I got the itch.

You know the one.  

I wanted a baby.

We scratched that itch for about a year with no luck.  We started infertility treatments and continued down that painful road for another two years.  {Sidenote: A special thank you to my hubby for putting up with my multiple personalities during this time.  One medication in particular, caused out-of-body experiences in which I laughed at things that weren't funny.  In public.  Fun times, I tell you! }

We were on staff at a church during that time and were bombarded with advice on conceiving, including but not limited to my very favorite: "Have you tried a coffee enema yet?"

Um, no.

Once we exhausted our insurance, we started down the road to adoption.  We proved we would be suitable parents with our HIV tests and Home study.  And then we waited.  And waited.  And waited, some more.

That's when I got pregnant.

And please do not say it was because I finally relaxed! 

With every pregnancy symptom I experienced, my hubby would cheerfully say, "Aren't you excited?"

Um, yeah, let me wipe the vomit off my chin.

Hip, Hip Hooray.

I had a great pregnancy and gained more than 50 pounds, but less than 100.  As I neared my due date, I had one outfit that fit nicely.  One.  It was green and velveteen.

I went 9 days past my December 31st due date.

I burned that horrid velveteen outfit.

And I'm pretty sure right before my hubby snapped this picture he said something like, "Aren't you glad you're getting huge?  That means a healthier baby!"

Hip, Hip Hooray.


LifeatTheCircus said...

You look so radiant and glowingly happy in that shot. :-) I was just looking at pics of me with my first pregnancy. I too gained over 50 and under 100 lbs... got the "wow you look like you're gonna pop any day now" comments in my second trimester and the "Is it twins?"
Yea, when will people learn pregnant or not, it is NEVER ok to comment on someone's size?

Marcy Writes - The Glamorous Life said...

SO funny. You could not look more miserable and annoyed.

I gained....80lbs with each of my pregnacies. And I had a great time doing it- thank you. But on my first, when my sister-in-law gave me a box of maternity clothes I took a look at one HUGE tent dress thing that was made from beige linen and LAUGHED. "Oh my god I will NEVER be THAT big". Well, I bet you can guess...that was the ONLY thing I wore for the last 2 weeks of the pregnancy. ONLY. I washed it every single night. And I slept in one of my DAD's t-shirts (he was a big guy)....oh the comedy of it all. So I feel your pain in this photo. I surely do my friend.

My post today takes us to Paris! And man was I stressed....

Tammy said...

Love the green and velveteen!

D... said...

LOL! I can really feel the love in the picture. Superb choice!

Amy-littletoesandcheerios said...

You really don't look that big to me. I love the expression on your face.
I gained around 35 pounds and looked way bigger! A lot of people asked if I was having twins.

P.S. He loves you... said...

You know that freaky when I thought about posting a very simular pix but I was proud of my "hugeness" I'm glad I posted of my BIGNESS instead...the other will come latter.

Very happy camper you where Mrs. Hyde..or Jeckal which ever it ;D

Shane said...

Oh girl... I remember feeling like that. ugh! Can I tell you that you look just beautiful now!

Alaina said...

That picture is great!!

I am so doing this next week!

Bubba's Sis said...

LOL - I love the look on your face!!!

Valarie said...

You do not look happy! We are so much alike, I gained more than 50 and less than 100 with all 3 of mine, and I only hade one outfit that would fit by the end!

Oh and you so totally got pregnant, because you relaxed. ;)

Lisa J said...

And he lived to make a couple more babies??? You are a VERY tolerant person. He's lucky to be alive I'm telling you. I'm sorry, but honestly, I am very glad you burned the dress!!!! I hope you felt better after you did!!!!

Jerralea said...

I can identify with this story. My husband and I could not have children for 10 years. When I finally did get pregnant, I was sick each and every day for the whole nine months. I kept thinking, "I prayed to get this sick?" However, it really is true, once your baby gets here you forget about all that!

Hear My Cry said...

This was so good. I laughed at you so hard! :) And today, I needed to laugh. Thanks so much for sharing.

Crayl said...

Green, wow. You look like you are going to kill him...I am glad you didn't.:) We have to get our scanner fixed so I can post some old pregnancy photos, when I had the twins...over 18 years ago, oh the fashion, oh the size.

Domestic Spaz said...

I could hug you for this post.

jennifer said...

There is no misery like the "I am about to pop" misery of 'past due'. It is written all over your face, ready for a baby or not!!

Glad that you finally relaxed.


God's timing is perfect though!

Lisa @ Stop and Smell the Chocolates said...

Too funny (though I'm sure it wasn't at the time)! I got out of that miserable last month as my son was born 4 weeks early.

Thanks for sharing your troubles getting pregnant. Always helpful for those who are struggling with the same thing.

Shannon said...

At least you are fully covered. Although there are very very few pregnancy pictures of me most of them seem to be of me wearing a bathing suit. Most notably an orange bikini at 8 months pregnant! I can only plead the hormones made me do it. My husband loves that picture, and ummm... NO I won't be posting it!

Jamie @ Purposeful Pursuit said...

Love crack me up! I too gained more than 50 but less than 100 pounds. And I know about that being late stuff too, my girl was due Nov. 28 and was born on Dec. 14

mamajil said...

During my 4th pregnancy I sported a black velveteen outfit that looks just like your green one....

Love your experssion!! It looks like true pregnancy bliss!! :)

La Familia Garcia said...

What a great story! TOO FUNNY! And I absolutely love your header!

marky said...

LOL, I almost posted a very pregnant picture too! I went 3 1/2 weeks over due with my first. she came out walking!
Your velveteen rabbit story is too cute!
funny~ funny post !

Lisa said...

I dont know which is more fabulous, the story or the outfit? Thanks for sharing.

Muthering Heights said...

Oh honey, I feeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeel you! I gained 86 pounds in my first pregnancy, and trust me, I made you look like Kate Moss! (I believe you saw my post about losing 100 pounds.)

Just think, if you're worried about your weight, you can always pull out this photo, and reassure yourself that it could be worse, LOL!

The Source said...

Aww...but your hubby sounds like he was such a sweet expectant daddy. You look incredibly thrilled to be wearing the green velveteen. I remember those last days of pregnancy when nothing would fit but the least favorite thing...when I was pregnant with my daughter I considered wearing my son's plastic Sesame Street play tent just for a change!!

Jenny 865-53oh9 said...

That is such a classic preggo pic! Loved it.

just another day in paradise said...

LOL The expression on your face says it all! I'm wiping the tears off my face. Thanks for sharing!!

jamie in rose cottage said...

I'm loving the outfit, but the expression on your face it what really makes the picture! Thanks for the giggle. :-)

Wifeof1Momof4 said...

Ummm .. ok .. I had that outfit, but in black, but by the end of the pregnancy and due to so many washings, it was light black. Is that even a color?

Kendrawolf said...

I remember that feeling. Something like...."I can't believe that I wanted to do this. This is the stupidest thing I ever prayed for!" But then you have that little angel and get to watch him/her grow up and become their own person.

I had a big pink sweater tho'.

Patti said...

Great story!
The only funny preggy outfit I really remember was a polka dot one-piece swimsuit. I looked like an Easter Egg!
I was so disappointed after the first baby when I couldn't immediately start wearing my pre-preggy stuff > I don't think I EVER made it back there!

Sarah said...

I didn't want to show you up with my pregnancy pics... plus, the pain is still too new. I chose to show you "Wonder Woman"!

Cheri-Beri said...

I'm not doing a 'Fro this week, but I loooooooove yours. I was so happy during my first pregnancy that my husband actually yelled, "I hope to God you never get pregnant again." I did . . . .just to spite him. I kid!!! You're still a cutie pie in this picture :-)

proudgrits11 said...

Your expression in that photo says it all!!! Looks like a pretty comfy outfit to me!! :) It's aaaallll worth it, right??? Aren't you excited??

Amy B said...

You have done it again. Tea came out of my nose.

It isn't so funny that you have a velveteen outfit on, although that is priceless, it is the look on your face that says it all!

Oh girl you are too much!

I love it!

Felicia said...

What a wonderful story! I love it! I'm so glad I found your site!

Tales From the Eurovan said...

Love the do not look too happy about getting your picture taken! I can relate...I was so sick with my pregnancies! I went on an I.V. with my first, we called it, "me and my I.V.!"
Take care,

Joy ☺ said...

I gained 50 pounds and I think 25 of it was in my face. To do the "mr. linky" thing, do I post something about my prengnancy with a picture? I'm out of the loop on the "mr. linky"-man. So sorry.
You are way too funny though! :)

Lynn said...

I didn't even keep track of how much I gained....I'm not so much a numbers person. ;o)

I, too, struggled with infertility, and people say the most hurtful things when trying to be helpful. I am with you on the don't tell me I just need to relax comment....NOT HELPFUL!!!

freefun0616 said...