ETSY Giveaway Going On Right Now!

The Nester is offering one of my readers one of her beautiful handmade tassels from her Etsy shop right now on this post.  

Several people have wondered what they'd do with a tassel if they were the lucky winner. Well. That's a good question. I'm new to these beautiful items myself, but it's the best thing you'll never need! Here are some examples from The Nester's blog:

And just a word to the wise . . . if you google tassel and their placement, you will see images of strippers who are inappropriately using tassels.  This is wrong, on so many levels.

So is this:

But this?  Totally and completely acceptable tassel placement:

So, go now, hurry, if you haven't entered the giveaway, it won't last long!


LifeatTheCircus said...

Thanks for the tips on proper tassel placement. (and the warning not to google it) :-)

The Nester said...

oh yes! THOSE tassels that are sold in pairs!!! Yikes!!

oh, and the toilet tassel was a spoof on myself but now that I see it there, it's kind of cute to have Mr. Santa staring at my bum. Oh but he gets in the way of the lid.

Amanda said...

LOVE LOVE the nester blog- looks like the two of you have the same decorating taste and ability.
ooooohhh and on a side note- I went to Michaels yesterday- lots of fun fun stuff on sale. I got the cutest little red iron wheel barrow/wagon-- I thought of you when i got it- its on my front porch. I'll put flowers in it now- but pumpkins for fall :-) and presents for Christmas.

Happy Mommy said...

I love the nester and read her daily also! Please let me win!!!!

Amanda said...

Love the tassels. Hope to win one!


lori said...

I am just getting around...CRAZY LIFE...I tell you...but WHAT you miss!!
The tassle thing...hmmmmmm...I don't recommend googling MOON either...:)
Been there, done that...and again...just wrong..plain wrong!!:)

I do have to tell looked FABULOUS in that 60's garb! Don't you just wish we could go back, sans the BIG bad hair....the clothes were just soooooo funky fun!!

I'm always happier when I stop by here!!

Moore Power 2 You said...

I am now so inspried by her blog to fianlly do something with my curtains! Her tassles are just too unique. I'd be great to have one!
Thanks for pointing me in her direction!