The Best and Worst of Summer

Summer is here.  Like it.  Or not.

I do like it.  A lot. 


My son asked me last night, when Daddy's summer break starts.  

A question he ponders every day.

I made a list of the best things about summer:
  • The kids are out of school
  • There's a new routine of no routine
  • There's the swimming
  • The sunny days
  • The traveling
  • The sibling togetherness
  • The free time
  • The family memories
  • Trying to grow tomatoes
  • Visits to the Library
  • Outdoor fun
I racked my brain and came up with another list.

The worst things about summer:

  • The kids are out of school
  • There's a new routine of no routine
  • There's the swimming
  • The sunny days
  • The traveling
  • The sibling togetherness
  • The free time
  • The family memories
  • Trying to grow tomatoes
  • Visits to the Library
  • Outdoor fun
What about you?  What's on your list?


Valarie said...




-Listening to phone calls of the children fighting


-Trying to make summer memories in between work


-Missing summer memories because I am at work

-Stressing that my house is an absolute mess with kids running in and out of the house while I am not there, because I am at work


nottryingforaboy said...

The worst for me is trying to keep my house clean while we are in and out all day.

Lisa said...

I think your list covers it all for me, though I would add...No Homework - yay! And I like being able to watch a movie any night of the week without worrying about how long it is.

val said...

you are too funny! I joined a group titled 'summer carnival 2008' can link too. You list what you have planned and link it to the main blog.
Great place to get ideas!

Bubba's Sis said...

Ha! As I was reading your first list I was thinking to myself, "Hmm...this could be my WORST Things About Summer list.." and then I scrolled down!!

SO with you, sistah! And it's only just beginning... The bad thing about here is that it's just too damn hot to go anywhere except the pool or beach, and then we gotta slather ourselves with sunscreen and gather up all the stuff and even the water is luke-warm because it's so hot out... Yeah. I love summer.

Grateful for Grace said...

Since we homeschool, the kids have "sibling togetherness" all year. And my house is always a mess because... well, they are here all the time. Ü

But... my list:
summer camp has started (we run a summer camp for kids with learning differences and live here!) and that means fun activities for FREE with cool counselors
we get to eat lunch & dinner in the dining hall = no cooking for me
swimming with Papalou (grandpa)
no teaching for me
getting next year's curric ready (this *really* is fun for me)
summer field trips

we eat lunch and dinner in the dining hall (don't get to pick... could be anything and sometimes that's trying with kiddos)
no schedule can cause discontent
it's stinkin' hot!
my dh works 15-17 hour days

twin power mommy said...

my list is pretty close to yours. delete the growing not have a green thumb, add no homework
LOVE the lack of routine...hate the lack of routine...
i know, i am crazy!

Kelly said...

We homeschool, so the togetherness is already there. We just add more stuff to our schedule! Baseball, softball, drama camp, football camp, baseball camp. ETC! Here's to those warm TEXAS days!!!

Happy Mommy said...

My favorite parts about summer vacation are the free time the swimming the traveling the lake and picnics.

The worst parts of summer vacation are the kids stay up to late and still wake up at the crack of dawn, the traveling.

World's Greatest Mommy said...

Mine are the same on both lists, except growing tomatoes. I gave up.

I'd have to add, that my husband gets a summer vacation. It's a good thing and a bad thing. I love having him here, but he invades my turf bigtime.

It's not so bad when he's making dinner, but when he's rearranging the linen closet, I get annoyed.

marky said...

We are another homeschooling that togetherness goes a long way! I will be working a lot of hours over summer boo hoo.. I want to hang at the pool and eat chips and sip iced tea.
I just love summer.. pretty much everything except snakes and mosquitoes.

Becoming Me said...

You are a hoot. Husband being home more can be on both of my lists...I love him know I do...but he still makes both lists.

Marianne Thomas said...

LOL! Kristen, you are reading my mind!

Summer "started" today for us.

But the fun started last night as our town's tornado sirens blared.


Can I tell you how much fun it is to start summer with three cranky and exhausted children, two of whom are experts at getting close enough to your sibling to drive them bonkers without actually touching them?

Oh, and I should add MUD to the list, as my backyard is currenly a pit of it.


Anonymous said...

i love your list! looks a LOT like ours! :)

Cathy/ Mommy Motivation said...

I was going to have to unsubscribe after I read that first list, but alas. you do not disappoint. Brute cynicism kicks in after kid no. 2 in my opinion.

Glad to hear you're still on mother earth. :)

P.S. He loves you... said...

Here goes:

No Taxi service

Swim Dayz

Library Day

Sign up at every church possiable in town for VBS
And plan my own free time!

Thank you GOD for VBS!!!

Plan trip to beach...counting the dayz down.

Cook on grill everynight..or claim it's to got to cook and order out!

Offer grandparents the oppurtunity to instill wisdom into our kids, for FREE!

Count down the hours till nap time.

Grow nothing but a little more patience this summer!

Marni Tiani Self said...

I LOVE that!

Amberleigh said...

Oh this is great!!!!