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WFMW is every Wednesday. Upcoming themed editions of Works-For-Me-Wednesday (the first Wednesday of each month):

[May. 5th: "Backwards Edition: Ask your readers a question and have them share their tips with you!"]

[June 2nd: "Mom: I'm Bored Edition-this list might just get you thru summer!"]

[July 7th: "Bathroom and Kitchen Edition"-Share your best tips for organizing and cleaning these important room!]


Thank you for your interest in WFMW! This carnival was started and hosted by Rocks in My Dryer for the past 3 years. She recently handed it off to me and I couldn't be more excited! Thank you, Shannon for your investment in the blogging community.

This is the same carnival, no changes, except the hosting


Works-For-Me Wednesday Guidelines:

1.So what exactly IS Works-For-Me Wednesday (WFMW), anyway?

WFMW is a "blog carnival" (that concept is explained here). Basically, the idea is that on Wednesday you post a little tip you've learned on any (G-rated) topic--anything that has "worked for you" in making your life easier. You post a link back here to my WFMW post, and enter your link in the "Mr. Linky" form at the bottom of my post.

2. You do not have to ask me first before you participate in WFMW. Just jump right in.

3. You are not required to use the WFMW banner, though you are more than welcome to do so.

If you do, please be sure you're using the the current one, at the top of this post. If you don't know how to add an image to your post, you can follow the instructions here.

4. Please only leave a link if you have written a WFMW post. Please mention WFMW in your post, and link back to my master list here.

From here on out, I'll just delete "empty" links.

5. Link to your WFMW post, not to the front page of your blog.

This makes browsing so much easier for everyone, especially when people browse around in the archives. For an explanation on how to do this, go here.

6. Please DO NOT host your own WFMW "Mr. Linky" at your site.

I'd like to keep We are THAT Family as the only homepage for Works-For-Me Wednesday, for simplicity's sake.

7. Please be patient with your e-mail questions.

In particular, if you have a question that could be answered by using the "Help" section in your blogging software ("How do I upload images?" or "How do I link back to you from my page?"), please check there for answers first.

8. When you enter your link on Mr. Linky, you will most likely notice that it says "delete link" next to your name. If you click on that, it will let you delete what you just posted. No one else can see it, just like you can't see the "delete link" next to my name on my computer.

9. Enter a 3-4 word description of your post, in parentheses, after you put your name. Be descriptive, be specific, and BE BRIEF.

For example, where the box below says "Your Name", you might put:

Melissa (Uses for Bleach)


Julie (Kids' Crafts)


Mary (Organizing Toys)

Make sense? This will make it a jillion times easier to browse through the tips. PLEASE KEEP YOUR PARENTHETICAL TITLE TO A MAXIMUM OF 4 WORDS. Mr. Linky freaks out sometimes when the "Your Name" portion gets too long, and it can mess up the alignment of the whole deal, making it harder to read.

10. I'll put my WFMW post up no later than 12:01 am (central time) each Wednesday. Frequently, I'll have it up an hour or two earlier.

I know this is a lot of information! Please know that I'm just trying to find a way to make it easier for people to browse through all your wonderful ideas. Thank you SO much for participating in this--YOU are the reason it is such a success!

11. I reserve the right to delete any links that are inappropriate.

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